Calling for Help - The Studio phone is located near the door by the light switches. There is also an MIT phone and an MIT emergency call box in the hallway near Memorial Lobby (aka Lobby 10).

  • Dial 100 from any MIT phone for help
  • Dial 617 253 1212 from any mobile phone for help
  • See for other MIT emergency info

Studio Location: MIT Building 10, Room 150. This is on the first floor of building 10, between Memorial Lobby (Lobby 10) and building 13.

Basic Rules

Protective Equipment - Safety glasses and ear protectors are provided. Please return these when they are not in use. Each student may request a personal pair of safety glasses. Please keep them handy and protect them from getting scratched up.

Eye Safety - Eye protection should be worn at all times where there is the potential for eye injury from chemical splash or flying debris (e.g. snipping wires, soldering, cutting, drilling, etc.). 

Clothing/Hair - Do not wear loose/baggy clothing or dangling jewelry. They are a safety hazard in the studio. Make sure long hair is tied back behind the ears.

Gloves - Don’t wear gloves while working with power tools. Use disposable gloves when working with chemicals, paint, glue, etc.

Shoes - No open toed shoes may be worn in the working areas of the studio.

Working Alone - Do not use power tools if you are the only person in the studio.


  • Use only tools you know how to use! To learn how to use new tools, ask someone who knows how to use them.
  • When using power tools, make sure that you are aware of the position of both hands at all times. Know the location of the emergency shut-off switch.
  • When drilling, sanding or milling materials, the item should be properly chucked or clamped to an appropriate work surface.
  • Do not use tools that have a dull cutting surface.
  • Use tools only for their intended purpose. A screwdriver is not the same as a pry bar.


Anyone wishing to use the studio tools must complete training on tool use and safety. Safety training provided by other shops may be transferable.


  1. Take the MIT EHS web-based training course -- scroll down to step 3 and click on the learning center link, then search for Introduction to MIT Shop Safety Rules (EHS00485w)
  2. Watch the EHS Machine Shop Safety Video
  3. Learn hand-tool and machine tool safety from a MIT Museum Studio staff member

Students will be required to sign a document stating they understand and will abide by the safety rules, and that they have completed studio training.